Another Varstonians Day will be held on July 8, with a gathering and luncheon at the Club from 12pm.

To All Varstonians – that is, all people who have enjoyed an involvement with the club at some time - the club needs you!

  1. Your financial contribution via annual subscription helps to support the running of the club. This season Varstonian funds have helped purchase all-weather jackets and a gazebo to make life more comfortable for those on the bench. The Club relies on sponsorship and grants in order to function. Neither one of these is large, nor guaranteed each year, so minimal financial support via a Varstonian membership can augment these sources of financial support.
  2. Currently a small number (6-7) of Committee members cover the following:
  • Administer the club, meeting fortnightly throughout the year
  • Manage teams
  • Act as Match Day official for home games
  • Set the grounds out each Saturday
  • Seek sponsors and grants
  • Liaise with the University, Waikato Rugby Union, NZU, etc.

We need YOU to get involved as committee members, supporters and casual helpers, to build up the club. Having more people involved will help share the load and bring new ideas. If you are keen and have any time to spare, we would love to hear from you.

Keen for kick-around? Weather permitting!
Bring along the old boots, shorts and jersey (I’m sure they still fit you!) for an informal kickaround from midday, prior to lunch and the start of the Prem B game. If this sounds like you - email Des Williams at with confirmation you’d like to take part in this fun event!


Our annual gathering of faces from the past will take place much earlier this season - Saturday 13 May! The Club has a full book of home games for its teams that day so we hope to see as many of the old timers along as can make it. There won’t be a pre-match lunch at the ‘Old Riv’ as was the case for the past season or two. Instead there will be food and refreshments available at the Don Pav.

We invite those ‘paid up’ members of Varstonians from last season to again deposit the princely sum of $50 into the OV bank account - with funds going to support good player-related causes that would not otherwise be met from Club funds. And if you weren’t a paid up member last year but want to be this year, kindly deposit the same amount into the same account with your name clearly identifiable for receipt purposes. (Note, if you’ve already sponsored a jersey, you are a paid up Varstonian.)

Varstonians membership
03-0318-0301145-025 (Westpac Hamilton)
SWIFT Code for overseas payments: WPACNZ2W